We offer several standard combinations of plants and vessels, or you can mix and match your own from our library!

Pottery options:


Terra Cotta


Matte Grey

Plant collections:





Top dressings:

All potted plants are finished off with a top dressing. Choice is yours, but we recommend:

Preserved Moss

Paired with our Evergreen collection.

Lava Rock

Paired with our Desert collection.

White Limestone

Paired with our Native collection.

Size options:


A series of 3-9 pieces to make a centerpiece or tabletop display. Different options available pending table size. 


A few 5/6’ plants,  2” plants, and tabletop pieces. Aproximately 5-7 plants.  A great option for lounges, dance floors, and other event corners that need dressing. 


Plant Divider

A series of potted trees and flora to fill a 10’ span. A plant divider helps define spaces or corridors while making a statement in a grand way.


A custom curated set of plants handpicked to fit perfectly into your space. We work with you to select pieces that will match the aesthetic of your home, office or event.